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Weathered Wood Rustic Home Design

Rustic Design. Weathered wood crates on a wagon.

Creating a look and feel for your home can be a meaningful experience because it’s an expression of you and the feel you wish to bring into your life, for you and your family.

Experts say the objects and spaces we surround ourselves by play an important role in our overall well-being. So it’s definitely worth spending the time to imagine and search for the furniture, object, and space ideas that you’d love for your surroundings.

There’s something about rustic décor – that weathered look – that really does bring about a sense of well-being. The aged look of weathered wood can give an air of grounded wisdom, a feeling of connection to earth and trees.

A weathered wood table can bring you right back to a special memory of home-cooked dinners and the warmth of family, sitting, laughing, and eating together. The silvery patina of aged wood cupboards take me back to my grandmother's house in Sheffield, England, or a weekend in the countryside. Perhaps elements of weathered wood décor and rustic design conjure up memories for you, too. And maybe you envision the memories you’d love to create for your family one day. 

There are lots of trends and wonderful décor ideas to pick from. You can always go with an eclectic look and mix things up. The rustic, weathered wood look is on trend and timeless, sophisticated yet warm and inviting, city and country, all at once.

Here, we decided to put together a few rustic décor images that we thought were rather lovely. Thanks to the sources below for the stunning images and great ideas! Hope this compilation helps you in your search for inspiring home décor ideas to create just the design you’re looking for!

1. Source:

Rustic wall decor idea. DIY! Weathered Wood Finish can help you create this look for your home.

2. Source:

Rustic weathered wood table. Source:

3. Source:

Rustic weathered wood beams. Source:

4. Source:

Stonewall and weathered wood finish in a beautiful rustic kitchen. Source:

5. Source

Rustic bathroom with weathered wood cabinet. DIY with Weathered Wood Finish by Tall Earth. Source:


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