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10 Sustainable Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day

Sustainable Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day

Looking for ways to connect with your sweetie this Valentine's Day weekend? We've got some easy, affordable, and, of course, sustainable ideas to celebrate love. Feel free to use any of these on the other 365 days this year. ('Cause it's a Leap Year, and 'cause being in love is awesome.)

1. Melt Online Couples' Massage

Melt is the lucky result of combining a massage therapist and relationship expert, who just happen to be in love with each other. This awesome online course features the couple in action, and it's affordable, tasteful, playful and fun. You can learn massage in the comfort of your own bedroom, and there's no special equipment required. Also, they are running a sweet promotion, just in time for Valentine's Day. Find the all of the sensual fun right here.

2. DIY Massage Oils

In our books, gorgeous massage oils are an essential staple in any happy couple's tickle trunk. Even better if you can make your own and be totally certain that the ingredients are safe. Here are two heavenly recipes we love:

3. Strawberry Roses

If you're clever with a paring knife, why not whittle a little bouquet of these beauties for someone special? They're so adorable, they don't even need to be dipped in chocolate.

4. Get Crafty

We are suckers for handmade presents. Here's an awesome list of DIY upcycled gift ideas that avoid excessive consumption.  

5. Conscious Chocolate 

When commercial chocolate is running rampant, take some time to consider fair trade options instead. We are always convinced that ethically sourced chocolate tastes better. Here are some of our favorite brands. 

Lily's Sugar-Free Fair Trade Chocolate - try this sampler pack to get a taste of all the varieties of this delicious stevia-sweetened chocolate. It's the best out there!

Divine Chocolate - this toffee and sea salt blend is a dream come true for milk chocolate lovers.

Green & Black's Organic - they have so many delicious flavors, but this bittersweet dark chocolate with currant and hazelnut is our favorite!

6. Games Night at Home

Pints, snacks, and board games. Keep it light and fun, aim for cozy. Candles and clothing optional.

7. Stay At Home Spa

Draw a bath, give a shampoo and head massage, paint her toes, rub his feet, smooth on a mask. The possibilities are endless here. Think steamy, fresh, fragrant, and super chill. You can even make some bath treats to enjoy.


8. Grow Your Love 

We think that these are just the sweetest! These plantable tokens of love are popping up everywhere (they are super popular as wedding favors) and with spring just around the corner, it's an adorable way to see your romance blossom.

Make your own:

Or buy some from an Etsy crafter:

9. Get Outside

Wherever you are in the world, there is nothing more connecting and refreshing than a silent walk in nature. Spend some time on your favorite hiking trail or natural spot enjoying the sweet sounds and smells of Mother Earth. Take home a treasure from your walk to display somewhere in your home, to remind you of the many beautiful connections in your life.

10. Cook Together

Go wild with this one! Try a new recipe, or have an adventure at an ethnic supermarket. Spend the whole day shopping and playing in the kitchen and then settle in and enjoy your feast complete with candlelight and a delicious bottle of something lovely to drink. Try to find ways to engage all of the senses, and you're guaranteed a perfect night of celebration.



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