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Conscious Crafts for Spring

Around here we like to get our hands dirty. We are makers and creators, DIY-ers and doers. As a family, we like to bring the outdoors in whenever we can, to help us all stay mindful of our connection to Mother Earth. We keep a little nature table in our home, an altar of sorts with treasures from our hikes and gifts we find in our own backyard. Every season we invite the little hands in our house to help us create adornments that are made from natural materials, or re-purposed items. Here are some of our very favorite conscious crafts for Spring.

spring crafts

Natural Dyed Eggs Full disclosure - the amount of curing time for some of these will really test the patience of your little ones, so this might be better for your older kids, or for you adults. It's a built in science lesson and a study in color and this is possibly the most comprehensive tutorial I've found on the web:

crafts for spring

Egg Seed Starters This is so cute, it will totally appeal to younger kids. I'd imagine you could just start any kind of seed this way, and transplant them when they grow hearty enough. I think it would be a really sweet way to start an herb garden too. If you aren't into the plastic eyes, you could draw your own.

A Garden of Their Own Up here in the chilly north, we'll have to wait until May to try this one, but for you more southerly folks, here's a very sweet way to get the kids into gardening. With their very own garden space for sensory play, they'll become proud stewards of the environment, and soon you'll have eager helpers to tackle the outdoor chores. Here's a garden to play with indoors or out: And a little corner of your yard that becomes just for them:

crafts for spring

Egg Carton Creations There's no end to the fun you can have with leftover egg cartons. Here's a few friends that we love:

Turtles -
Chicks - Ladybugs -
Bees -
Honestly, the amount of egg carton fun to be had on Pinterest is endless. Check these out:
A mobile:
Gorgeous cherry blossom branches: Mini lights! I'm totally making these:

Yarn Scrap Butterflies If you're at all the crafty type, you probably have most of these materials at home:

Wax Paper Suncatchers I think these are so beautiful. Wouldn't they look pretty hanging from a branch?

Tin Can Planters Make these pretty vessels using old tin cans, ribbon scraps, and paint:

crafts for spring

Upcycled Bird House Ornaments Made from bathroom paper tubes and other light cardboard packaging, these are simply adorable!

Phew, that should keep us busy until the warmth of summer is consistent enough to push us all outdoors. What are your favorite spring crafts? Share them with us in the comments below, and be sure to follow our Conscious Crafting Pinterest Board for more great ideas!

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