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Green Your Spring Rituals! March 30 2015

Our northern weather has finally taken a turn, and I think it’s safe to say that spring has sprung. This time of the year is filled with promise and possibility and everything feels so fresh and new. I love cleaning, purging, re-focusing both inward and out. With a commitment to simplicity and greener living, here are some great tools to help you green your spring rituals.

A Spring Detox for Real People

I’m an avid reader of Mind Body Green and I loved this post filled with handy and easy ways to do a little spring detox. All of these suggestions are simple and totally easy to commit to.

Clean Everything with Care

This astounding list is a comprehensive guide to cleaning nearly everything in your home with non-toxic and effective methods, courtesy of

Get Ready to Garden

With the smell of rain and earthworms greeting me each time I step out of the door, I can’t help but yearn for the warm weather to hurry along so I can start planting! Here are no less than 82 useful sustainable gardening tips from Mother Earth News.

Start a Building Project

Can’t wait to get outdoors? Getting itchy to sink your teeth into a project? Check out some of these awesome DIYs featuring reclaimed materials, and don’t forget to treat your wood with Eco-Safe Wood treatment!

Reclaimed Window Potting Bench – via Remodelaholic


5 Farm Table Projects – via Bob Vila’s blog

I’ve been pining away for one of these (see what I did there?) and I think it would be gorgeous with our Weathered Wood Finish!


Outdoor Playhouse – via Ron

Just promise not to take it over for your “mommy needs alone time” hut!

There’s no end to the many great, green ways to celebrate the return of warmth! We’d love to hear from you. Share your own crafty, mindful, green ways to celebrate Spring in the comments below and we'll choose one lucky winner to sample the Tall Earth wood treatment product of your choice! 

Comments contest closes Friday, April 17 at 6 pm ESt


Need Hope? Take a Walk March 23 2015

We’ve had a brutal winter, and I really try not to complain about the weather but the record-breaking freezing temperatures were even starting to get to me. I suppose that’s why the thaw has made my step so…well, springy.

Yesterday was heavy sweater and hat weather, and after a long commute home (working on Sunday, yikes!) I bundled up the kidlets who were all too happy for another opportunity to abandon chores and enjoy their rip sticks. We parents took the opportunity to enjoy a leisurely stroll down our secluded road, breathing in the fresh country air and I was amazed at how this brief, simple departure from our typical Sunday routine filled me with wonder and hope.

Here’s a little list of some of the early spring wonder I witnessed through the eyes of my children, particularly our toddler who is two and a half and in love with everything:

Puddles for jumping and splashing in

Mud for squishing under rubber-booted feet

Slushy, crunchy snow

Bubbly streams

Red-winged black birds who have returned

Mouse houses! We discovered these perfect little spheres of dried grass revealed by the melted snow and deduced that they must be little houses woven together by the mice. They were little wonders of architecture

Lambs at the farm next door. We couldn’t see them because the dirt road is currently a small river, but we could hear them bleating away in the barn

The squishy wonder of our melted snow saturated lawn

The endless joy of throwing stones into puddles

Silly walking competitions

The moist, healing smell of fresh spring air

The healthy dinner time appetite and deep, blissful sleep after time outside

If you’ve had the winter blues, treat yourself to a walk outside, in whatever green space you can find. Try to take it all in through the eyes of a child, and keep open to any discoveries that await you. Even in the most sprawling urban centers, change is happening and we can look forward to the return of warmth. What are the signs of spring in your neck of the world?