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Tall Earth Goes to Africa

We're delighted to announce our presence in beautiful Africa!

After a few years of occasional sales to customers in several African countries, we finally caught the attention of some national parks authorities in the Congo. This NGO recognized the value of our non-toxic Eco-Safe Wood Guard for the prevention and treatment of termites in structures built deep in the rainforest. In this case it was for extensive use in a lodge built on land designated for gorilla conservation and research.

Africa Gorilla Camp treated with Tall Earth

Since that time, we've made further inroads with more parks authorities as well as private stakeholders in similar projects, and we hope to contribute significantly to the green and eco-conscious building movement across the continent. If you have friends, family, or business in Africa, please consider referring them to our Africa specific information page:

We're so proud to be an important part of these beautiful projects with organizations that share our values, and lead the way in conservation, and ecologically sensitive construction.


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