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"This product is truly saving our home and I could not be more grateful..."

This letter from our customer, Bethany, speaks for itself...

"Dear Tall Earth,

I just wanted to write to express my ever growing, intense gratitude and admiration for your products.

About three years ago my partner and I bought a small 800 square foot home for our family. We had it inspected and even paid the extra $700 for the mold test. I had friends in VA who lost a home to mold and didn't want that to be our story. Somehow despite our best efforts we bought a "mold house." Three weeks after moving I was removing wood paneling in a pantry we were relocating and found black mold growing 5 feet up the wall. We soon discovered it was everywhere. Every wall, every sill plate, even the insulation and sheathing. We had spent almost all our savings on the down payment and buying the house, but have had no choice but to take it back to the studs and rebuild. We have done this in stages, attacking the walls and mold where it was the worst and leaving the walls that weren't showing it growing to be dealt with later when they did.

Early on in the process I learned about Wood Guard from a blog and figured, we might as well give a shot. So I bought a bag. Treated some 2x4's and left them on the concrete floor to see if they would mold or grow mildew. They didn't. Since that time every board in our house has been Wood Guarded. Every bookcase, every cabinet we've built, every chair or stool that enters. This summer has truly put the product to the test. With so much rain, mold started growing on the few remaining original walls in the house that we hadn't yet replaced. And so we are gutting again and rebuilding slowly. But the most amazing, most wonderful news is that not a single piece of wood that I have Wood Guarded is growing mold. I cannot begin to explain how much this product is truly saving our home and I could not be more grateful. I cannot count how many bags we have bought or received as birthday and Christmas presents. There is still so much to be done on our home, but I know we will win and have a mold free home--in no small part and probably largely because of you guys. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

We know that it's a sincere challenge to find eco-friendly, non-toxic options for these kinds of tricky, sticky situations, and even more so when on a budget and hiring a professional may be completely out of reach. We feel so grateful to have been a part of Bethany's journey to creating a safe and healthy home for her family. That her friends chipped in by gifting them Tall Earth product is especially sweet :)

Thank you for sharing your story with us, Bethany, and we wish your family many years of happiness in your home!


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