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Eco-Safe Wood Treatment™ Tips


What is Eco-Safe Wood Treatment™?

Eco-Safe Wood Treatment™ is our signature product. It is an effective and natural wood protectant, preservative, and stain. It protects wood from moss, mold, wet rot, dry rot, and fungus, thereby increasing its lifetime. The staining effect gives a nice silver or silver-brown aged finish, depending on wood type, bringing out the natural beauty of the wood.

Is wood treated with Eco-Safe Wood Treatment™ safe?

Eco-Safe Wood Treatment™ is non-toxic, VOC free, environmentally friendly, children & animal friendly, garden, groundwater, & food safe. It’s made from a proprietary mixture of naturally sourced materials, harvested and manufactured in accordance with sound environmental principles.

What are the recommended uses for Eco-Safe Wood Treatment™?

Eco-Safe Wood Treatment™ works on indoor and outdoor projects.

It has been used for every imaginable wood project. Most popular for outdoor treatments, it's also been used for indoor staining and furniture. We've seen Eco-Safe being used for decks, patios, log houses, house/shed siding, gazebos, trellises, fences, gates, stables, barns, chicken coops, apiary woodenware, hay wagons, doors, window frames, shutters, patio furniture, curios and hobby projects, sculpture, planters, garden beds, lamp posts, signs, marinas, docks, boat slips, boathouses, boats, rafts, solariums/sunrooms, awnings, movie sets, bookcases, shelves, dollhouses, treehouses, playground equipment, swings, ladders, Japanese torii, and more. 

How much coverage does Eco-Safe Wood Treatment™ provide?

Eco-Safe Wood Treatment comes in 3 different sizes: 1 Gallon, 3 Gallons, and 5 Gallons.

  • Our basic single package mixes with water to make 1 Gallon (4.5 L), and will cover about 150-200 square feet of wood.
  • The 3 Gallon (13.5 L) package will cover 450-600 square feet.
  • The 5 Gallon (22.5 L) package will cover 750-1000 square feet.

How does Eco-Safe Wood Treatment™ work?

Eco-Safe Wood Treatment™ penetrates into wood fibers, reacts with the natural tannins in the wood, and rids the wood of natural sugars that cause wood decay, permanently changing the wood structure at a molecular level for a preservative, protectant, and stain that will never fade, flake, or peel away. In other words this stain is integral, not superficial. 

How often do I need to apply Eco-Safe Wood Treatment™?

One easy application penetrates wood forever, with no flaking off, no scraping, and no reapplications needed. The product extends the lifetime of the wood.

What colour stain does Eco-Safe Wood Treatment™ give the wood?

Darkening and silvering of treated wood is the beautiful result of this unique product. Different wood species will respond with slightly different final colors, ranging from light or dark silvery gray to light or dark silvery brown. The color of Eco-Safe™ treated wood will continue to evolve over time. The product provides a silver to brown patina depending on wood type, with a soft sheen that instantly imparts an elegant, aged finish.

This stain is ideal for artificially aging wood, to weather or beautify, or match repairs to older wood.

What is the drying time?

Typical dry time can be as little as 1-2 hours if ambient humidity is low and temperature is high. 6-8 hours is safe.

Does Eco-Safe Wood Treatment™ seal wood?

Please note that this product is not a traditional "sealer" because it does not create a moisture-proof barrier. These types of products usually contain stabilizers and carriers that are inevitably toxic and contain petroleum products and VOCs. Our product penetrates the wood, bonds permanently with the wood fibers, does not need reapplication, and provides long-lasting preventative treatment against rot. It does leave the wood grain open, allowing the wood to breathe, water to penetrate and subsequently evaporate out, and provides a truly beautiful, natural look that will not flake away over time like traditional sealers.


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1. Use on bare, untreated or pressure-treated wood. No special surface preparation is needed. If wood is finished with a sealer or lacquer-type product, the old sealer will need to be removed by sanding in order to allow Eco-Safe™ to penetrate wood surface.

2. Solution can be applied by brush, roller, sponge, sprayer or by dipping. Make sure to cover all surfaces well, especially rough or cracked surfaces, end grains and fresh cuts.

3. Some of the product may not completely dissolve, this is normal. If using a sprayer, allow product to stand for 5 minutes, stir again, and then screen mixed solution before spraying. This will help avoid blockages in the spraying equipment.

4. Some wood types will not show an immediate change in color. This is normal. Color will change and deepen over 1-2 weeks, and especially with repeated exposure to sun and rain.

5. Additional applications are not necessary to enhance protective qualities of Eco-Safe™. Once final color has been achieved, it is possible to deepen color by reapplication. Sometimes, areas missed by initial application are then affected by product migrating with rain, so any unevenness disappears with time.

6. Eco-Safe Wood Treatment™ works in a complementary and synergistic way with Eco-Safe Wood Guard™, our wood-boring insect protectant. Both of these products effectively treat wood to preserve and protect it naturally but in different ways. Eco-Safe Wood Treatment™ extends the lifetime of wood, protecting and preserving, as well as providing a natural stain, while Eco-Safe Wood Guard™ treats, prevents, and controls against wood-boring insects, also providing additional protection from fungus, and rot. You can mix Eco-Safe Wood Treatment™ and Eco-Safe Wood Guard™ into the same solution and apply simultaneously. Visit our Eco-Safe Wood Guard™ Pro-Tips page for more info.

7. To artificially age wood to match older wood, apply Eco-Safe™ lightly, and consider using additional applications to fine-tune color.

8. For marine applications or projects where wood may be in constant contact with soil, moisture or water, consider applying Eco-Safe™ by dipping to ensure complete coverage, or apply additional coats.

9. Mix only what you need for a project. Although the mixed solution will stay active and usable if kept in a non-metal sealed container, it's less convenient to save than the dry product, which has no expiry and is shelf stable for a long time.