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Why Choose Eco-Safe Wood Treatments™?

Why choose Eco-Safe by Tall Earth? Good stewardship of environmental resources to be treasured by future generations.At Tall Earth, we've developed our non-toxic Eco-Safe Wood Treatments™ to be environmentally friendly, kid-safe, pet-safe, and soil and groundwater safe, yet highly effective and affordable.

We're really proud of our line of Eco-Safe Wood Treatments™.

They represent our careful research and development in creating truly unique wood treatments that are completely eco-friendly, and fulfill Tall Earth's mandate to minimize the environmental footprint of our company and our manufacturing process, along with the environmental footprint of our customers. We have families, we have children, and we believe in good stewardship of our environmental resources so they can be enjoyed and treasured by future generations.

We field tested our signature product for years, and it has been very successful in commercial settings. Independent lab tests verify the safety and effectiveness of our signature product, Eco-Safe Wood Treatment™. Used by government agencies and park authorities.

We're delighted to bring our line of Eco-Safe Wood Treatments™ to home users, we think you'll love these products and find new uses for them all the time. 

There's no need to sacrifice quality or value in order to preserve, protect and beautify your wood project while staying green. From bird houses to people houses, we've got you covered!


Environmental Benefits:

  • Incorporates naturally-sourced materials in a proprietary blend to penetrate deeper and last longer
  • Raw materials harvested and manufactured in accordance with sound environmental principles
  • Zero environmental impact/ footprint
  • Leaves no harmful residues in soil or water
  • Zero VOCs/ VOC-free
  • Non-toxic
  • Safe for use around kids and pets
  • Safe for garden applications, including vegetable garden beds and herb planters with soil contact
  • Extends the lifetime of wood in the built environment for sustainability
  • No fumes
  • Dries quickly, washes up with water

Consider taking pictures of your project to share with us! Post to instagram, twitter or facebook with #tallearth. We especially love before and after pics!