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We Sell Non-Toxic Eco-Safe Wood Treatment®

ECO-SAFE Wood Treatment - Non-Toxic Stain & Preservative - 1, 3 & 5 Gallon Sizes

$24.95 USD $34.95 USD

  • If you are a customer in Canada click here to view the version of this product available to Canadians.
  • Non-toxic, VOC Free, Environmentally Friendly, Children & Animal Friendly, Garden Safe
  • Mixes easily with water
  • 1 Gallon (4.5 Liters) size provides 150-200 square feet of coverage, 3 Gallon (14.5L) covers 450-600 sq ft, 5 Gallon (22.5 Liters) covers 750-1000 sq ft
  • Naturally-sourced materials
  • Provides a nice silver or brown aged finish, depending on wood type, with no special surface prep
  • One easy application penetrates and bonds with wood forever, no scraping, flaking or reapplications needed
  • Works on indoor or outdoor projects - fences, decks, siding, furniture, marine applications, etc.
  • Leaves no harmful residue in soil or water
  • Proudly manufactured in Canada using sustainable resources
  • One easy application lasts year after year with no maintenance
  • In use for many years with proven results
  • Safe for use in vegetable gardens
  • Safe for children and play areas
  • Can be safely used indoors too
  • Ideal for decks, posts, log homes, sheds, doors, aging, graying and more
  • Apply with brush, roller, spray or by dipping
  • Can be applied in any weather
  • Mix only what you need, save the rest for another project
  • No waste, dry powder or mixed solution stores indefinitely
  • Complete Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • 1 gallon item weight: 2oz, shipping weight 3oz