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Customer Stories - Ben from I Wood Build

Every now and then, we're lucky enough to hear from our Tall Earth customers about their unique wood projects. Today, we share the work of Ben Rawson, of I Wood Build, a Thamesford Ontario based craftsman who used our Weathered Wood Finish on a walnut table top and a pine desk.

safe wood treatment

We asked Ben about how he used our product and this is what he had to say:

For the pine top desk I finished to 120 sand, apply Weathered Wood Finish and let dry. Then I did a light sand with 220 and a stain (Early American), and two layers of industrial grade lacquer. 

Unfortunately I didn't get any up close pictures of it but the grain looks astounding!!

For the walnut top, same thing:

Prep and dress to 120.
Apply Weathered Wood finish and let dry, finish with 220.
Apply oil of choice (I used an oil/resin blend)
Let stand and re-oil.

I have to say this is nothing compared to what happens when this process is done on figured walnut!


Walnut table top
walnut table top
pine desk

More About Ben's Company:

 I Wood Build was founded in early 2015 as a small local business focusing on smaller projects and occasionally the odd refined piece of furniture. After taking on some interesting projects and getting into timber frame work, the company was forced to search for mills around the area. 

I Wood Build has joined with two sister businesses "Kintore Custom Hardwood", focusing on milling and drying locally sourced lumber and "Big Ass Slabs", focusing on custom milling very big slabs, trees and timber work.
Today, clients can rely on I Wood Build for unique custom pieces such as furniture (tables, bars and more)  to timber frame kits. The company is committed to using locally sourced materials, and are in the process of becoming a partner for the Ontario Wood Program.
They continue to join forces with other local high-end custom companies that build doors, kitchens, cabinetry and more.
Find Them Here:
And their website
Ben says the second video shows him applying a clear oil/resin blend. You can use any oil like BLO, teak oil, danish oil or poly and other clear coats. Thanks Ben for sharing these awesome photos and videos with us!


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