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Dale's Rustic Log Cabin in Wisconsin

The crisp autumn air is here, marked by that earthy scent, and brisk winds that make you realize your scarf still lingers in the hall closet. It's unmistakably autumn! We imagine ourselves cozying up around a wood stove, in a perfectly charming cabin in the woods...

Today, we're thrilled to showcase some photos shared by one of our customers, Dale. His rustic log cabin, still being completed, is nestled in a Wisconsin forest, and is a picture of timeless natural beauty.

rustic log cabin being built, using Tall Earth Wood Treatment

Distinguished by its sharply peaked roof, this cabin is a testament to the enduring charm of traditional timber in home design. Dale chose to treat it with two of our trusted products: Eco-Safe Wood Treatment and Eco-Safe Wood Guard.

Our Eco-Safe Wood Treatment is a versatile protector and stain that evens out wood color and imparts a lovely silver-grey finish. It gives the cabin a weathered look that blends seamlessly into the landscape, whether it's a new build or an addition to an existing property.

Meanwhile, our Wood Guard is a potent defender against rot, fungi, and wood-boring insects. Whether used preventatively or to tackle an existing infestation, it ensures that Dale's cabin remains in great shape.

Dale, thank you - you have our gratitude for choosing Tall Earth for your wood treatment needs. Our products are designed to preserve your cabin's beauty and durability, making it a lasting part of the Wisconsin forest scene.

We look forward to sharing pictures of the finished cabin build!

We've compiled a list of log home resources for more inspiration as well as practical advice...

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6. Log Home Blogs: Search online for log home living blogs for personal experiences and insights.

If you have any favorite log home resources, please share them and we'll add them to this list!


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