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Bobby's Ponderosa Storage Shed, Local Lumber

"I recommend your products to everyone I know! It's the only thing that keeps wood from breaking down into mush in a few years, as we have a pretty harsh climate where I live in Arizona, with wet freezing weather, hot super-dry weather, and everything in between (except hurricanes). Our area has the record for the largest tornado outbreak west of the Mississippi River!"

So says Bobby, our long-time customer who, over the years, has used our Eco-Safe Wood Treatment on his beehives, raised garden beds, and most recently the lovely storage shed pictured below. It's been nicknamed "The Black Hole" because it's bigger on the inside than you'd expect :)

wood storage shed finished with non-toxic Tall Earth Eco-Safe Wood Treatment

We especially love the roof overhang that creates a mini-porch, the little brick garden bed that's integrated into the foundation, and the unmilled logs used for the structural support poles, which are harvested from the property itself!  Which brings me to another consideration that's worth making when building projects like this...

Using on-site treatments like Tall Earth products allows for the use of local wood, from local sawmills, as opposed to factory-treated lumber that is not only typically toxic itself, but then has the spillover impact of waste chemicals being dumped or leached into the environment and waterways, and of course the additional carbon footprint of transport to and from distant factory settings. 

In Bobby's case, he used local ponderosa sourced from a sawmill only 5 miles from his property, with some of the trim being local white fir. 

Thanks for sharing this with us, Bobby, and thank you for all the referrals you've made to us over the years, too. There's no greater mark of a satisfied customer :)

Are you considering a similar build or have you done something like this? Did you find the plans online? Are you building it or have you contracted a local builder? We'd love to hear from you, too!


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