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A Customer's Outdoor Slice of Heaven Evolves

We were delighted to receive these pics from a long time customer who was making some changes to her lovely west coast property.

The deck, previously treated with Eco-Safe Wood Treatment has been reconfigured, and now includes a mix of newer and older boards. Usually, this poses a problem as the new boards would stick out like a sore thumb. However, by using our treatment, the new boards blend in almost imperceptibly! Any variations will even out in a matter of weeks, not years.

The entire structure was also treated with Eco-Safe Wood Guard to provide additional protection against rot, decay and wood-boring insects. 

The fence is a new build altogether, treated with Weathered Wood Finish. The cedar garden bed is new, too, and treated to match.

We really love the clean lines and generous proportions of this deck, and the open railing leaves the sightlines on this beautiful property nearly uninterrupted. 

Thank you to our customer for sharing these details with us, and we hope it inspires you, dear reader, as you plan your own backyard oasis :)


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