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Louise's Garden - The Sequel

Back in March, our dear customer Louise wrote us a very sweet note to tell us how much she loved our Eco-Safe Wood Treatment, having first discovered it some years ago when setting up her beehive, and then went on to use the treatment to protect and beautify all of her garden projects. She loved the ease of use, the rot-resistance, the patina stain, and that it's a non-toxic product. You can find that post here :)

We invited her to follow up with us when her garden was in bloom, and did she ever deliver! Bursting with life, these pictures are as delicious to look at as the bounty of this organic garden must be to eat. We're happy to be a little part of it.

As we celebrate Louise's homegrown success, we'd like to invite you to share your Tall Earth-treated projects with us, too! What have you crafted, created, or grown so far this summer? How can we help with your next project? Let us know!


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