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Western Cedar Wedding Arbor for Emily

Tall Earth Wedding Dreams Come True

Submitted by Tall Earthling Tony P.

Back in May, my daughter Emily asked me to build an arbor for her upcoming wedding on 9/23/17. I built one out of Western Cedar but wanted that beautiful weathered grey look. I knew that it would never happen naturally in the 4 months that we had.

I spent some time looking for products that would accelerate the natural aging process without staining or painting. I lucked upon your web site and decided to try both your Eco-Safe Wood Treatment and your Weathered Wood Finish. I tested both on scrap pieces of the Cedar and while both produced beautiful grey patinas on the samples. Either one would have been a suitable choice, but I ultimately decided on the Eco-Safe Wood Treatment.

The before and after pictures are from 5/7/17 and 5/16/17 respectively but the Eco-Safe Wood Treatment was applied on 5/13/17. The grey in the after picture is only 3 days after application. The arbor continued to turn grey in the sun for the balance of the 4 months, and on her wedding day, it looked like it had been in the sun for years!

I simple could not have been happier with my choice. The wedding pictures are of my daughter and her new husband Jeremy!



ECO-SAFE Wood Treatment - Non-Toxic Wood Stain & Preservative

Weathered Wood Finish - Aged Driftwood Patina Stain


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