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Customer Stories - Nate's Michigan Barn December 16 2016

Weathered Wood Barn

We love it when we get stories and photos from our customers who have used Tall Earth eco-safe wood products on their building projects. Today we feature Nate Vander Zwagg from Hamilton, Michigan who used our Weathered Wood treatment on his beautiful barn.

Thoughts on Food From a Dude Episode 1: Easy Does It March 08 2016

clean eating tips

Our resident food dude shares a simple and delicious tips for clean eaters who want to learn some culinary skills.

Michael Green: Dreaming Up Wooden Skyscrapers March 03 2016

michael green

The Vancouver-based architect, Michael Green, lives up to the “green” in his name. He’s an innovator in his field with a vision for us to face the issues of growing global housing needs and the impacts that current building practices have on greenhouse gas emissions and climate change. His state-of-the-art, ultramodern ingenious answer is… Wood.

Take a Leap this Leap Year Day February 29 2016

leap year

For the past three years, the month of February has been a quick, fast-paced 28 days short. This year, though, it’s 29 days, which means we get a bonus one. A gift.

10 Sustainable Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day February 11 2016

green valentines day

Looking for ways to connect with your sweetie this Valentine's Day weekend? We've got some easy, affordable, and, of course, sustainable ideas to celebrate love. Feel free to use any of these on the other 365 days this year. ('Cause it's a Leap Year, and 'cause being in love is awesome.)